The Cultural Detective

ISBN 978-616-90393-8-9
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2011, 224 pages


For more than twenty years, Christopher G. Moore has been writing about the history, culture and politics of Southeast Asia, in particular Thailand. The Cultural Detective is a behind-the-scene view into Moore’s writing life.


In this selection of essays, Moore discusses with the humor and insight that he has become famous for. He draws widely on anthropology, neurology, psychology, ethnography, history and recent political conflicts.


Readers new to Moore’s work will find an entertaining and discerning author worth getting to know better, while fans will recognize an echo of his essayist’s voice and perspective from his novels.


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“[Moore's] experience and in-depth knowledge of the country really shines through, providing intriguing insights into a vast range of subjects – culture, politics, psychology, crime, history – to name just a few. Moore’s writing style is easily read and hugely entertaining, whilst still being incredibly informative.”
Bangkok Best


“It is perhaps a judge of excellence that I would pull down one book from the shelves, read it again, and thoroughly enjoy it once more? If so, then The Cultural Detective by Christopher G. Moore (ISBN 978-616-90393-8-9, Heaven Lake Press, 2011) is an excellent book. Not only a good book, but for me, the best book reviewed in 2011.”
Pattaya Mail

The Cultural Detective