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The Big Weird #5

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Fifth in the series


ISBN 978-974-8418-42-1
Mass paperback 4 1/4" - 7"
2008, 372 pages


A beautiful American blond is found dead with a large bullet hole in her head in the house of her ex-boyfriend. A famous Hollywood screen-writer hires Calvino to investigate her death. Everyone except Calvino’s client believes Samantha McNeal has committed suicide.


In the early days of the Internet, Sam ran with a young and wild expat crowd in Bangkok. As Calvino slides into a world where people are dead serious about sex, money and fame, he unearths a hedonistic com-munity where the ritual of death is the ultimate high.


Available in eBook and print formats:




“In Chandler’s noir world there was always the hope of redemption for at least some of the characters, but in Moore’s Big Town the people have given up hope. They’ve succumbed to The Sickness… A terrific novel, highly recommended.”
John M Whalen


“The Big Weird is an excellent read, charming, amusing, insightful, complex, localised yet startlingly universal in its themes.”
—Guide of Bangkok


“A good read, fast-paced and laced with so many of the locales so familiar to the expat denizens of Bangkok.”
—Art of Living (Thailand)


“Like a noisy, late-night Thai restaurant, Moore serves up tongue-burming spices that swallow up the literature of Generation X and Cyberpsace as if they were merely sticky rice.”
—The Daily Yomiuri


“Whether you are a local, resident or a tourist, there are golden nuggets to be found in The Big Weird.”
—Bangkok Post Sunday Magazine


“Highly entertaining.”
—Bangkok Post


“The Big Weird exemplifies a writer who is in control of his material. [It]demonstrates that at last we have an author who understands the abyss between the dreams and aspirations of westerners hoping for a new life in an Asian land and the often-harsh reality that they find.”
—Professor Paul Wilson, Criminologist and Dean, Humanities and Social Science, Bond University

The Big Weird #5

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