Red Sky Falling

ISBN 974-92385-7-5
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2005, 261 pages


A freak accident in Manhattan sets in motion an unexpected series of events driven by ambition, passion and, above all, revenge. Red Sky Falling is a postmodern family saga narrated by Gideon Harvey, who was born on the day of John F. Kennedy’s assas-sination.


Murder and conspiracy are the Harvey family legacies. Black humor and high camp weave through the story set in downtown New York. The Harvey’s are in bed with the Chinese Triads who smuggle illegal immigrants into America and the Mafia controls the unions.


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“Red Sky Falling is an amazingly deep novel.”
—Pattaya Mail


“Moore’s insights into the human comedy and facility in writing prose hold our interest from first page to last.”
—Bangkok Post


“[Red Sky Falling] is a rich and deftly woven tale which looks at the microcosmof individual lives while simultaneously addressing the larger social, political and human concerns of this century . . . a tapestryof experience—highly comic, ironic and profound on so many levels.””
—Guide of Bangkok


“A truly high quality piece of literature.”
—Thailand Times

Red Sky Falling