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Paying Back Jack #10

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Tenth in the series


ISBN 978-974-312-920-9
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2009, 332 pages


In Paying Back Jack, Calvino agrees to follow the ‘minor wife’ of a Thai politician and report on her movements. His client is Rick Casey, a shady American whose life has been darkened by the unsolved murder of his idealistic son. It seems to be a simple surveillance job, but soon Calvino is entangled in a dangerous web of political allegiance and a reckless quest for revenge.


And, unknown to our man in Bangkok, in an anonymous tower in the center of the city, a two-man sniper team awaits its shot, a shot that will change everything. Paying Back Jack is classic Christopher G. Moore: densely-woven, eye-opening, and riveting.


Available in eBook and print formats:




“All the ingredients are in place – eccentric characters (Bangkok one of them), a multi-stranded plot, blood-splattering action, and sparks of genre-bending originality all fly off the page."
Bangkok 101


“Moore’s depiction of Thai life is gritty, colorful and thoughtful. He ranges from the sex trade to politics to the careful and lavish preparations for an upper-class wedding, while never losing track of his fast-paced, hard-boiled story."
—Lynn Harnett, MostFiction Book Review


“Hard-boiled mystery laced with humor.... A pulse-pounding tale of human trafficking, mercenaries, international conspiracies and revenge... made more real because they are set against the lovely and sordid streets of Bangkok."
—"In the Know" at WCVPL (Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library, Mississippi)


“A rich panorama of east meets west. This time round Calvino is drawn into the murky world of private prisons, political assassination and UN officialdom.... Whether you try it for the exotic setting, the hard-boiled hero or the intrigue and action, you won't be disappointed. And you'll be back for more!."
—Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz


“Moore's depiction of Thai life is gritty, colorful and thoughtful. He ranges from the sex trade to politics to the careful and lavish preparations for an upper-class wedding, while never losing track of his fast-paced, hard-boiled story."
Portsmouth Herald


“The plots are complex, as are the characters, and Moore is a writer who insists on his reader. Inevitably, the most impressive character of all is Bangkok itself, which the author brings wonderfully to life."
Morning Star (UK)


“Crisp, atmostpheric. . . . Calvino's cynical humour oils the wheels nicely, while the cubist plotting keeps us guessing."


“Plenty of action sequences ... fascinating reading . . . Moore obviously brings his own experiences of years of living in Bangkok to the story. His love and understanding of Thai sentiments and protocol come across on every page, making the stories even more rich and fulfilling.”
—Christine Zibas,


“Paying Jack Back is the best Calvino yet. . . . There are many wheels within wheels turning in this excellent thriller. . . . It's about time everyone discovered Bangkok PI Vincent Calvino."
—Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail


“The powerful, resonant and nuanced voice of Christopher G. Moore introduced German readers to his private investigator Calvino’s Thailand in a unique way.”
—Susanna Mende, Titel Magazine


“Paying Back Jack is so tightly woven and entertaining it is hopeless to try to put it down. Not only was it new and fresh, but I feel like I have taken a trip to the underbelly of Thailand. It is impossible not to love this book"
—Carolyn Lanier, I Love a Mystery


“Moore clearly has no fear that his gloriously corrupt Bangkok will ever run dry."
—Kirkus Review


“A vivid sense of place...the city of Bangkok, with its chaos and mystery, is almost another character. Recommended."
Library Journal


“This series belongs on every Asian crime list."


“Moore reveals the seething stew of wealth, corruption, cultural clashes, poverty and lust that is modern Bangkok. . .all will appreciate the raw passion that drives the action.”
Publishers Weekly


“[Paying Back Jack] might be Moore's finest novel yet. A gripping tale of human trafficking, mercenaries, missing interrogation videos, international conspiracies, and revenge, all set against the lovely and sordid backstreets of Bangkok that Moore knows better than anyone.”
—Barry Eisler


“Moore creates a cast of vibrant characters worth of the best Elmore Leonard caper for this hard-edged, stylish mystery.... His VIncent Calvino is at once in the finest tradition of the lone private detective and a complete original.”
—Matt Beynon Rees, author of "The Samaritan's Secret"


“A lot of the evil that exists in Bangkok lays buried beneath the duel headstones of 'culture' and 'tradition'. In Paying Back Jack, Moore isn't afraid to dig the dirt. He knows the system, he knows the city, and he paints it beautifully.”
Colin Cotterill, "The Merry Misogynist"


“Moore has the intellectual and emotional ability to perceive what is in the hearts and minds of the Thai populace. Not least, he grasps the nuances of language. . . . I dare say a screen adaptation of at least one of the Calvino books isn’t far off.”
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post


“Christopher G. Moore is an exceptional writer. . . . The way the different characters, which seem unrelated to each other, are finally brought together is superb literary craftsmanship. Paying Back Jack is a tale which will have you snarling at the intrusion of a telephone. . . . Get this book.”
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


“Every big city has its fictional detective; and Bangkok's is Vincent Calvino.”
—Bangkok 101


“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok..”
—San Francisco Chronicle


“It's easy to see why Moore's books are popular: While seasoned with a spicy mixture of humor and realism, they stand out as model studies in East-West encounters, as satisfying for their cultural insights as they are for their hard-boiled action.”
—The Japan Times

Paying Back Jack #10

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