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Minor Wife #7

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Seventh in the series


ISBN 974-92126-5-7
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2004, 280 pages


A contemporary murder set in Bangkok—a neighbor and friend, a young ex-hooker turned artist, is found dead by an American millionaire’s minor wife. Her rich expat husband hires Calvino to investigate.


While searching for the killer in exclusive clubs and not-so-exclusive bars of Bangkok, Calvino discovers that a minor wife—mia noi—has everything to do with a woman’s status. From illegal cock fighting matches to elite Bangkok golf clubs, Calvino finds himself caught in the crossfire as he closes in on the murderer.


Available in eBook and print formats:




“What distinguishes Christopher G. Moore from other foreign authors setting their stories in the Land of Smiles is how much more he understands its mystique, the psyche of its populace and the futility of its round residents trying to fit into its square holes.”
—Bangkok Post


“Moore pursues in even greater detail in Minor Wife the changing social roles of Thai women (changing, but not always quickly or for the better) and their relations among themselves and across class lines and other barriers.”
—Vancouver Sun


“Moore’s attention to detail and 3-D characterization make Minor Wife
much more than just another crime novel.”
—Farang Magazine (Thailand)


“The thriller moves in those convoluted circles within which Thai life and society takes place. Moore’s knowledge of these gives insights into many aspects of the cultural mores. Many of these are unknown to the expat population, most of whom spend their time living in blissful ignorance of the Thai dark underbelly. . . . Great writing, great story and a great read. Get it, you will not be disappointed.”
—Pattaya Mail

Minor Wife #7

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