His Lordship’s Arsenal

ISBN 974-86694-7-5

Trade paperback 5" – 7 3/4"
1999, 213 pages


Matthew Burlock is a brilliant, eccentric judge, faced with the facts of a bizarre ritual murder. In the run-down Delrose Hotel, two men are found half-eaten by flames: one tied to a cross, the other tied up on the bed, with African lioness masks laid next to him. The police say it is a homosexual murder, but Burlock disagrees. A strange connection between Burlock’s exotic past and the murder is revealed. Somewhere in the family history of the international gun trade, his father’s mysterious identity and his radical ex-girlfriend lies the answer to the puzzle.


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“Unique...a probing psychological study of man’s search for identity...genuinely fascinating.”


“Moore is without doubt a real writer and one to watch.”
—Publisher's Weekly


“This is a complex, moody, rewarding novel.”
—Chicago Sun-Times


“One at a time Burlock brings out transparent pictures of his life; then, appallingly, he twists them around, changes the order. When he is done we know more of the impermanence of vision and the changeable rules of life...imaginative.”
—Library Journal


“Moore is a marvellous and inventive writer who is able to combine literary merit with good old genre fiction. This is a unique and beautifully written book.”
—Georgia Straight

His Lordship’s Arsenal