Fear and Loathing in Bangkok

ISBN 978-616-7503-24-0
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2014, 357 pages


TV images and news reports of demonstrations, deaths, demands and chaos in Thailand make Moore’s essays in Fear and Loathing in Bangkok a timely book. These are essays to read at this vital crossroads in Thai political development. The essays will deepen your understanding of what makes Thailand a special and unique country.


Politics can’t be judged in isolation. Moore provides a context ranging from the petty local and foreign criminals and to the workings of the often quixotic law enforcement system. Murder, organized crime, greed and shadowy corporations reveal the half-hidden world of Thailand.


In an age of anger and fear, the culture of non-confrontation and smiles is going through a rocky ride. These essays take you along the bumpy road of ghosts, criminals, illegal migrants, and false prophets. The essays on crime fiction and on writing explore noir, chance, muses, and ideas—the ingredients of Moore’s successful Vincent Calvino crime novel series.


Fear and Loathing in Bangkok contains nine parts.
Part 1: Where the Wild Things Are
Part 2: Criminal Justice System, Thai-Style
Part 3: Crimes without Borders
Part 4: Culture and Justice
Part 5: Government, Crime and Technology
Part 6: Anger and Fear
Part 7: Brain Games
Part 8: On Crime Fiction
Part 9: On Writing



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“A must read for anyone planning to visit Bangkok, or for those living there already.”
Bangkok's Best


“I find the essays either make me think, have me nodding in full agreement or just totally entertained. To be quite honest it’s often all three of these things. Crime and superb muses and ideas.”
The Life Design Detective


“I can't remember, when exactly, I got hooked on the essays of novelist, Christopher G. Moore but it has been a good long time ago. He has at least two other books of essays previously published: The Cultural Detective and Faking it in Bangkok. Of those two, The Cultural Detective was the one I enjoyed most. But this one is now my favorite because Moore, like Voranai Vanijaka of The Bangkok Post seems to get better and better over time.”
—Jai Roon (Amazon reviewer)


“This not a typical Bangkok mystery story, in fact it is not a story but instead a collection of brilliant insights and observations made by someone who has lived and breathed the day-to-day in this city and culture. Excellent must read.”
—C. Principe (Amazon reviewer)


“I have read a number of Christopher G. Moore's books and have enjoyed all of them, especially the Smile series. This book is a different kind of read. Unlike the Smile series which the reader eagerly devours, this one must be sipped, read slowly so that one can digest what has been said. This book forces the reader to re-evaluate what they believe or have been taught to believe. This book is not for a mindless drone, or maybe it is if the drone wishes to no longer be a drone..”
—tinman (Amazon reviewer)

Fear and Loathing in Bangkok