A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Seventeenth in the series


Dance Me to the End of Time will be the 17th and last book in the Vincent Calvino series. And this is the only book in the series with Vincent Calvino appearing in the first person.


It will be released on 27th January 2020. You can pre-order on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081M64FBL



A noir investigation set in Bangkok's climate-changed future.

It is the era of the Great Upheaval and the Resistance, a time when people split their lives between virtual reality and the real world of sunken streets and khlongs swallowed by rising seas, in a land where resources are stretched and the poor are thirsty.

In the final book of the Vincent Calvino crime series, Calvino searches for a missing teenage “water boy,” and ends up caught between a Chinese-controlled AI named Henrietta, hordes of desperate climate migrants, fanatic religious guilds and a new breed of supersmart scientists, all determined to stay alive.


Advance Praise for Dance Me to the End of Time


“The Vincent Calvino series is both a wonderful feat of storytelling and a window into ‘Thainess’ and ‘Otherness’. In Vincent Calvino, Christopher G. Moore has created a sympathetic detective as memorable as Philip Marlowe … a subtle reflection on our difficult times…. I will miss Vincent Calvino!”

—Narisa Chakrabongse, publisher/editor at River Books, founder of BangkokEdge Festival


Dance Me to the End of Time is a brilliantly conceived finale to the wonderful Vincent Calvino series of novels set in one of the world's most important cities—Bangkok. Christopher Moore transforms his classic noir sensibility with a thrilling warp drive vision of our tomorrow with the timelessness of today. What a great creative work of fiction.”

—James Grady, creator of the Condor character, winner of Italy's Raymond Chandler medal and France's Grand Prix du Roman Noir


“Christopher [Moore] writes as an insider—that is to say not someone on a visit to this strange place who leaves shaking his head in dismay, or with tight lipped judgments—but as an aficionado with the genuine love/hate relationship with the metropolis that all real dwellers of Bangkok have. To me the whole series has been more than the journeys of the good detective ... but an important chronicle of the changes that have taken place in the urban landscape…. In this latest offering that Christopher says is his last in the series, the city has morphed into future time but it should be fairly recognizable to its inhabitants. At least the vices haven’t changed.”

Tew Bunnag, author of Curtain of Rain


"Moore chose to set the series finale after the Great Upheaval in a climate changed Bangkok where water is on everybody’s mind. A risky move by Moore but one that pays off…. DANCE ME TO THE END OF TIME dishes out justice artfully and against all odds, fairly, in the long run. Given the circumstances, a surprisingly satisfying ending to a memorable and historic crime series.”
—Kevin Cummings, People, Things, Literature

Dance Me to the End of Time #17


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