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Comfort Zone #4

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Fourth in the series


ISBN 974-87754-9-6
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2001, 267 pages


Twenty years after the end of the Vietnam War, Vietnam is opening to the outside world. There is a smell of fast money in the air and poverty in the streets. Business is booming and in austere Ho Chi Minh City a new generation of foreigners have arrived to make money and not war. Against the backdrop of Vietnam’s economic miracle, Comfort Zone reveals a a divided people still not reconciled with their past and unsure of their future.


Calvino is hired by an ex-special forces vet, whose younger brother uncovers corruption and fraud in the emerging business world in which his clients are dealing. But before Calvino even leaves Bangkok, there have already been two murders, one in Saigon and one in Bangkok.


Available in eBook and print formats:




“Moore hits home with more of everything in Comfort Zone. There is a balanced mix of story-line, narrative, wisdom, knowledge as well as love, sex, and murder.”
—Thailand Times


“In a murder mystery with a plot that is better executed than any Central Intelligence Agency black bag operation, the Bangkok expatriate crowd have moved to boomtown Saigon. Like a Japanese gardener who captures the land and the sky and recreates it in the backyard, Moore’s genius is in portraying the Southeast Asian heartscape behind the tourist industry hotel gloss.”
—The Daily Yomiuri


“Comfort Zone is a good read—an up-to-date 90s feel.”
—Accent Thai


“In Comfort Zone, our Bangkok-based P.I. is hired to go to Vietnam to find the killer of a young American lawyer. He digs, discovering layers of intrigue. He’s stalked by hired killers and falls in love with a Hanoi girl. Can he trust her? The reader is hooked.”
—NTUC Lifestyle (Singapore)

Comfort Zone #4

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