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Cold Hit #6

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Sixth in the series


ISBN 974-92104-1-7
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2004, 342pages


Five foreigners have died in Bangkok. Were they drug overdose victims or victims of a serial killer? Calvino believes the evidence points to a serial killer who stalks tourists in Bangkok. The Thai police, including Colonel Pratt, don’t buy his theory.


Calvino teams up with an LAPD officer on a bodyguard assignment. Hidden forces pull them through swank shopping malls, rundown hotels, Klong Toey slum, and bars in the redlight district as they try to keep their man and themselves alive. As Calvino learns more about the bodies being shipped back to America, the secret of the serial killer is revealed.


Available in eBook, Audio Book, and print formats:




“The story is plausible and riveting to the end.”
—The Japan Times


“Tight, intricate plotting, wickedly astute . . . Cold Hit will have you variously gasping, chuckling, nodding, tut-tutting, oh-yesing, and grinding your teeth throughout its 330 pages.”
—Guide of Bangkok


“The plot is equally tricky, brilliantly devised, and clear. One of the best crime fiction in the first half of the year.”
—Ultimo Biedlefeld


“[Cold Hit] is no standard thriller, but a suspense literature full of original metaphors.”
—Saarbrücker Zeitung


“City jungle, sex, drugs, power, but also good-hearted people: a complete crime.”
—Zwanzig Minuten Zürich


“A colourful piece, rich in action, of detective literature.”


“Calvino is a wonderful private detective figure! Consistent action, masterful language . . .and Anglo-Saxon humour at its best.”
—Lutz Bunk, DeutschlandRadio, Berlin


“Moore depicts the city from below. He shows its dirt, its inner conflicts, its cruelty, its devotion. Hard, cruel, comical and good. ”


“What is outstanding in the works of Christopher G. Moore is his in depth comprehension of what psychiatrist Carl Jung labeled the collective unconscious, as it applies to Thai motivation, thinking and action. Moore understands the Thais better than many understand themselves.”
—Bangkok Post


“Cold Hit definitely is one of those books you will not want to put down.”
—Pattaya Mail

Cold Hit #6

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