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A Killing Smile Special Edition

A Killing Smile Special Edition


275 signed and numbered copies.

Original Price: USD275.00

Sale Price: USD$199.00


Introducing the A Killing Smile Special Edition – a rare and coveted collectible, steeped in the rich history of Bangkok's infamous haunt, the Old Thermae. Limited to just 275 signed and numbered copies, this exclusive edition holds a tangible piece of the past, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


In December 1996, the journey to create this unique edition began. Venturing through the remnants of the Old Thermae, we unearthed discarded Naugahyde booths, forgotten relics covered in dust. Armed with determination and a box cutter, we carefully salvaged enough material to craft 275 special editions.


What was the purpose of this endeavor? To encapsulate the essence of the Old Thermae within the pages of A Killing Smile, a novel from the Land of Smile Trilogy. This edition serves as a nostalgic memento for those who experienced the sub-culture of the Old Thermae, a place etched in the memories of those who wandered through its doors for nearly four decades.


The special edition, bound in luxurious leather and housed in an elegant box, features a unique touch – a piece of the salvaged Naugahyde adorning the inside cover. This tangible connection to the past transforms each copy into a cherished relic, a testament to the late nights spent amidst the jukebox, the back alley entrance, and the kitchen next to the urinals.


Accompanying each edition is a signed Affidavit of Authenticity, ensuring that the Naugahyde within originated from an Old Thermae booth. The photo captures the moment of extraction, with Norm expertly wielding the box cutter beside the booth.


To make this edition even more exclusive, each copy is individually numbered and personally signed by the author. When placing your order, select from the available numbers listed below, ensuring you secure the edition with the most sentimental value to you:


Available Numbers:

89 to 94

120 to 129

149 to 166


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history – the A Killing Smile Special Edition is not just a book; it's a tangible slice of the Old Thermae's legacy, a treasure for those who once occupied its booths on unforgettable trips to Bangkok. Choose your number wisely and secure your piece of this limited edition before they vanish into the hands of collectors.

A Killing Smile Special Edition

$275.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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