• Christopher G. Moore

New and Much Lower book prices

Prices on all books have been reduced from 66% to 38%.

It is now affordable to order books from Thailand.

Order here:

One of the main obstacles for readers buying books from Thailand is the cost. In the past my publisher has shipped all books by air courier. That costs an arm and a leg and part of a shoulder. The decision was made to ship by registered post. The delivery time is around two weeks, but the cost reduction is substantial.

Before a Calvino novel would costs with the air courier charge: $36.50 per title for trade paperback, B-format paperback $34.50 and $32.50 for mass paperback.

The new price, which includes shipping cost is $26.50 for trade paperback. That is a 38% discount over the old price. B-format is now $22.95 (66% discount from the old price) and the mass paperback is $18.95 (52% discount from the old price)

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