• Christopher G. Moore

Looking At Bangkok Through A Noir Lens

The artist Chris Coles has an intriguing article on Absolutely Bangkok titled Looking At Bangkok through a Noir Lens. Chris writes about his experience of Bangkok and the inspiration behind the art that he has created.

“Whether in a Raymond Chandler story set in 1930’s Los Angeles or a Christopher G. Moore Calvino novel set in Bangkok 2008, no matter how nihilistically Noir the setting and story, there is an immense and guilty pleasure to be found in the world of Noir, a world in which we are free to surrender our ideals, hopes and dreams and come to grips with the “true” nature of life and the world as a gigantic and colorful sewer, populated by charismatic bugs, rats, reptiles and serpents, who ceaselessly try to do each other in as they float along on the infinite river of fecal waste matter created by humanity.”


Artist Chris Coles: Thai Police Colonel

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