• Christopher G. Moore


Readers experience various emotional states when reading crime fiction novel. One of such state is the feeling of liking. Perhaps the best outcome author is a rave review from a reader, and that translates as someone liking the book a great deal. One question that I’ve pondered is where is that “liking” response located in the reader’s brain?

Recent brain research suggests the experience of “liking” is located in the ventral pallidum. This is also the place where drugs, food, and sex register pleasure.

“Early results seem to show that one of the most important sites for "liking" is the ventral pallidum, a small region deep in the brain, near the dopamine system. Opioid injections into this area seem to boost enjoyment of sweet tastes, while damaging it makes all normal liking disappear - as seen by the lack of pleased facial expressions in rats given sugar. "This is a prime candidate for coding liking," says Berridge. The ventral pallidum takes in signals from the nucleus accumbens - a central component of the dopamine system - and passes them on to the cortex. He believes it could well be at the heart of our liking response.”


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