• Christopher G. Moore

Dinning with Peter and Susan Straub

In November when I was in New York, I was invited to dinner by Peter and Susan Straub. Peter Straub is one of the most literate, well-read, witty authors one ever have the pleasure of meeting. Over dinner on West 81st Street we dissected the meaning of our dinner. The discussion of our main course was captured on video and can now be seen on YouTube.

Peter has received many awards over the years and a few of his well-known books include: Ghost Story, Shadowlands, Koko, Mystery, The Throat. And there are also a couple of novels that Peter co-authored with Stephen King: The Talisman and Black House.

Peter also stayed in the Somerset Maugham Suite at the Oriental Hotel in 1983. His Bangkok connection factors into his novel Koko. If you haven’t read him, you’re missing out on superb story-telling from a master of the craft.

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