• Christopher G. Moore


Crime fiction, film and art connect both City of Angels.

At the hip.

And at areas above the hip.

In August, the crime thriller starring Nicholas Cage, Bangkok Dangerous will open worldwide.

Set designer Jim Newport (who did a brilliant job on Bangkok Dangerous) and has been nominated in the past for an Emmy, recently launched in Bangkok his novel “Chasing Jimi” and I attended the launch party, where Jim read from his book.

Chasing Jimi combines fact and fiction about one year – 1967 – in the life of Jimi Hendrix, taking readers into a world of double-dealing music producers (was there ever any other kind?) and Hendrix’s relationship with other artists of the time. The novel follows Newport’s own interest in 60s music. After his reading, Jim put on the sunglasses and switched to his alter-ego, Jimmy Fame and entertained the audience with a number of Blues songs. Newport is currently in Los Angeles, but upon his return he will be taking his Jimmy Fame act, with Dr. Blues and the Mercy Street Blues Band on a tour in Thailand to promote Chasing Jimi.

Another LA/Bangkok connection is Chris Coles, artist and filmmaker, who has painted a series of unforgettable images of Bangkok nightlife. You can check out Chris Coles’ website for hundreds of provocative images of Bangkok scenes. No other artist has devoted a career to capturing the mood, atmosphere, and feeling of Bangkok. Here’s a painting of a patron at Bangkok’s nightspot the Q-bar.

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