• Christopher G. Moore

112 kids at Baan Home Hak Update

Yesterday, Terry Fitzgerald, a long-time fan who has become a good friend, ordered a Special edition of A Killing Smile. Terry’s contribution will make a difference to the lives of the 112 kids who shelter at Suthasinee Noi-in upcountry shelter at Baan Home Hak.

This week we will go out and buy sweaters and other clothes for the kids with the money that Terry Fitzgerald and Bruce Comstock’s order have brought in. The nearly Baht 18,000 from these two orders of A Killing Smile will buy a lot at the wholesale market in Bangkok. We will box them and ship them upcountry over the weekend.

Terry and Bruce are a couple of true heroes for 112 children.

It may be a largely noir world, but there are enough good people to give a person the most valuable of all things: hope. Thanks guys.

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