Central Calvino

Terminal Guide

17 Stations

Welcome to Central Terminal. You will find 17 limited edition prints in the Mapping Calvino collection. You an order each print separately or order the entire set of 17 prints. The shipping cost is included in the price. Feel free to browse. To linger. And enjoy the ride.


Why not add a print from the Mapping Calvino collection to display on the wall of your reading room or library?


A Mapping Calvino print can be a daily reminder of the power of mapping a creative collaboration. Through the exchange between artists we follow a map that leads you to a the hidden destinations deep inside the heart.


If you want to discover the river that flows between the world of creative worlds of a writer and an artist and witness how they merge, find a station among the 17 stations and climb on board our visionary train.


Joy to all explorers!

Edward Casagrande