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Christopher G. Moore

The Vincent Calvino series

Literary novels




“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.”
The San Francisco Chronicle


"Moore’s flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape”

The New York Times Book Review 


“[Moore’s] Vincent Calvino series belongs on every Asian crime list.”

  • 2004 German Critics Award for Crime Fiction

  • Winner of 2007 Premier Special Director Book Award Semana Negra, Spain

  • Shamus Award 2011

Upcoming Release



A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Eighteenth in the series


Release Date: January 2025


It's the year 2036. Bangkok is divided into semi-autonomous, districts. In District #3, Calvino works a case involving a reality show winner, the streets are overrun by crazies, freaks, and AI. An evangelical preacher is using the show to convert the Thais. Calvino and his crew work as a security detail in District #3 and on a superyacht where neo feudal lords gather to bid for a Thai bride. Calvino investigates the link between exclusive compounds in the Blue Zone and the new reality space of π.

“Christopher G. Moore has long been a big name in crime for his Vincent Calvino books, based on the exploits of an American private eye in Thailand's seedy underbelly.”

Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent


”Moore's Vincent Calvino novels ... are crisp, atmospheric entertainments set in a noirish Bangkok.”


“Moore is an idealist and a lone warrior who doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty.... Those who have travelled to Southeast Asia will be captivated by his ability to recreate the atmosphere.”

Le Parisien

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