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On International Crime Authors Reality Check where I blog with Matt Rees, Colin Cotterrill and Barbara Nadel, I’ve written a mini-essay about what it means to be a stranger in Thailand.

“Many years ago, a prominent Adelaide family invited me for dinner at the Adelaide club. It was like one of those exclusive, private London clubs for the powerful and rich. By that time I’d already lived in Thailand for six years and this was my first trip to Australia. Inside the door of the club, someone in a suit ushered me to a stand on which was a large book. I was given a pen. Inscribed on the front of the book were the words: Strangers’ Book. I was asked to write my name and the place where I lived. I distinctly remember that inside the book, I was pointed to the box with word Stranger hovering like a death sentence over the place where I was supposed to write my name. I thought better of asking my host, “Did the aborigines have a Strangers’ Book for your ancestors to sign when they arrived?” Strangers and hypocrisy often lurk inside the same mental neighborhood.”

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