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Reliable Scientific Information on the Pandemic

I wanted to share with my readers a list of the scientists on Covid-19 that I have been following closely. They offer a science based approach to understanding the pandemic. They seek to explain the science behind the pandemic and to distinguish what we know from what we don't know about the virus. Rather than news accounts, these are the people I go to for the latest information about Covid-19. They come as close as we can get to a primary source. They often will include links to research studies.

Our understanding about Covid-19 depends on the accuracy and reliability of our information. The source of the information matters. As that information is constantly changing, and we find the early information was inaccurate or misleading, it is important to keep update from those who are in a better position to guide us through the minefield of what we know, think we know, don't know, and will likely never know.

These people are found on Twitter, which. is frankly a more useful platform than FaceBook on the science of the pandemic.

Please let me know if there are other scientists you follow that you'd recommend I add to my list.

I've also included links to global trackers of the pandemic at the end.

These are the experts I follow daily. Although not all of them post on a daily basis:

Dr. John Loannidis (Stanford University)

Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard University)

Eric Feigi-Ding (Harvard University)

Nicholas A. Christakis (Yale University)

Carl T. Bergstrom (University of Washington)

Dr. Michael Osterholm (University of Minnesota)

Other recommended perspectives on Twitter to consult about the pandemic.

All are scientists whose expertise has something to contribute to the controversies and debates about the virus.

Ashish Jha

A.K.A.: @ashishkjha

Director, Harvard Global Health Institute

Isaac Bogoch


Clinician investigator, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute

Marc Lipsitch


Director, Harvard’s Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics

Michael Mina


Assistant professor, epidemiology and immunology, Harvard School of Public Health

Sources I use to keep up with the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths:

Max Roser (World in Data)

Avi’s Covid19 global daily tracker

One of the best journalist in the field is Senior Science writer Jon Cohen @sciencecohen

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