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Hiring a private eye to find books in Bangkok

I have readers emailing where to find my books in Bangkok. That should be an easy question to answer.

If you are looking for a title in the Vincent Calvino series or one of my standalone novels such as Waiting for the Lady, Gambling on Magic, or God of Darkness, the question is where to find them.

Buyers choice: Kinokunya. This is a famous international English language Japanese own book chain. These people know books. They have a great selection in literature and crime fiction. No question it is the best in Bangkok.

So if you are book hunting in Bangkok, the best place to find a book is at Kinokunya. They have two branches: Emporium and Siam Paragon. Both branches do a good job of maintaining an inventory of new and back titles.

Unfortunately, in contrast Asia Books and Bookazine stock only a few of my titles and the chances are you won’t find the latest titles such as Paying Back Jack. But you will find Paying Back Jack at Kinokunya in both Bankgok branches.

The other way is to order books directly from my publisher Heaven Lake Press. You can order with a nice discount from the HLP website: There is free delivery of books to offices or condos in Bangkok.

Outside of Bangkok, the books are available online at discount. It is the shipping cost that is high on the international shipments as the books are sent by air courier. The upside is once you finish reading the book, some of the titles can be, if the online sellers are any indication, at a profit. Older editions sell for a premium. list an early edition of Spirit House for 60.25 pounds sterling.

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